Developers’ Work Eased by Android’s Simplification of Smart Watches Software

The Android Wear programming created by Google for the computerized wristwatches is more an effort to simply the watches technology than to bring in some outstanding innovation.

The new technology will be available in the two wrist watched that are going to be launched a week from now. However, the Android Wear is quite restricted in its performance. Even a year ago most smart watches were capable of providing information and data that Android was not able to.

In any case the new programming ought to bring some help on a market dominated by confusion and help application creators to enlarge the usefulness of smart watches, the way they have managed to make smart phones considerably more intelligent.

In past watches, every maker changed Android in an alternate manner, so programming designers were forced to invest a ton of time working on the applications. Not much energy should be put into this due to the fact that no single watch has enough clients. In order to solve the problem, Samsung’s second-era of intelligent watches, launched in April, does not function on Android, but on a system known as Tizen.

With the Android Wear, the programming engineers will not need to change the applications each time another watch from Sony, Samsung, Sony, or any other manufacturer turns out. What is more there may be sufficient clients to draw more manufacturers.

Engineers ought to have a less demanding time with Android Wear than with Android telephones. Telephone makers had modified Android to such an extent that it does not function all the time. Android on telephones looks as if there were not one but dozens systems of operation. The situation is different in the case of the smart watches since the producers will essentially take the product Google provides them and limit the hardware customization, alternatives of the watch face, and preinstalled applications.

The watches that will be accessible to the customers are the Gear Live of Samsung which will be available at the price of 199 US dollars and the G Watch belonging to LG and which will cost 229 US dollars.

Android Wear needs an advanced cell functioning on the 4.3 version of Android 4.3 or even a later one. That includes Kit Kat or the recent versions of Jelly Bean. However as indicated by Google’s own statements, just around a quarter of the Android gadgets have either of the versions just mentioned. For various reasons, numerous new telephones just cannot be updated.

The connecting phone and the watch do not need to belong to the same manufacturer. Thus, Motorola Moto G, the Galaxy S III produced by Samsung as well as G3 belonging to LG, function very well with the smart watch.

Once you got some free applications on your telephone, you must connect the watch and the telephone by make use of the Bluetooth feature.

The vast majority of your communications with the watch are by voice, very similar to the use of Google Now on the telephones running on Android and iPhones running on Siri. You can surf through a limited functionalities menu, but it is not very comprehensive. To enact the voice feature, you just have to tap on the face of the watch or utter the words “OK, Google.” The watch gives you the possibility to set an alarm, to verify your calendar and the create notifications and reminders.

You cannot utilize the smart watch as a speaker telephone for calls, the way the earlier Samsung brilliant watches permitted. Yet you can make your calls or response the incoming ones. The call has to go through the telephone, but if you the Bluetooth option activated, this should not be a problem to worry about.

You can send dictated text messages or you can use the short ones already extant in the watch like “Yes,” as well as ”No,” or the reassuring “On my way.” The watch does not allow you to send prewritten answers as it was with the Samsung smart watches. Android Wear likewise gives you a chance to send and get email messages and read your Facebook notices. In the event that you incline toward utilizing the telephone, there is a small button you have to tap and the message opens automatically. The watches give information regarding your day by day steps, while the Samsung watch comes in with a monitor of the heart rate.

The navigation option is definitely the one step forward brought by Android. As long as the telephone is in close proximity, the watch can give you direction on which route is best for you. The Smart watch 2 produced by Sony has a maps application, but it is not as good as the one belonging to Google.

As well as that, the watch gives the sorts of notices you would receive with Google Now on the telephone, in the event that you have turned that gimmick on. Thus, you can get information on local weather conditions, birthdays, and the sports activity of your favorite teams.

Obviously, I can turn to my telephone for all that. Android Wear should greatly ease the situation you are in by showing significant data on your wrist and not on your pocket hidden telephone. But the telephone must be close to you and you should be aware of the fact that the voice feature does not always function at its best.

Android Wear is not exactly the ultimate craze, but in the following month and years it will develop into one of those must-have products.

Apple is about to pay 400 Million Dollars for the EBook Scheme

The electronics giant Apple has declared that it is going to pay its costumers 400 million US dollars so as to settle a civil lawsuit during which it has been accused of infringing the price fixing laws. However, this sum of money will be paid only if its appeal will turn out unsuccessful.

If the New York Court of Appeal decides otherwise, Apple might walk out of the court without having to pay anything to its plaintiffs. If the case arrives back in front of the lower court then Apple will have to get out of its pockets just 50 million US dollars as damages for its buyers.

The California based company decided to go for an out of the court settlement although the official representatives claim that the company is not guilty of any of the charges that had been brought to it. Apple had been accused of having signed various unorthodox contracts with five important publishing houses in order to promote more expensive prices for its eBooks.

Eric T. Schneiderman, the Attorney General of New York, said that the possible settlement would definitely be a major victory for the American justice system, thus proving that nobody was above the law.

Pokemon Trading Card Game available on iPad

Pokemon is finally available on iPad due to Nintendo. But the iPad game is not about monsters training and then fighting one another. The iPad will give its users the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Josh Wittenkeller was the first one to presents a photo of the iPad variant on the Pokemon Game. Wittenkeller claims to have taken the picture during the World Championship dedicated to the Pokemon video games which took place in Washington DC. The Pokemon Company confirmed that the game will be functional on iPads later this year.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is not a new game it has actually been around for some years now and it is based on the very popular monster series. The monster cards are used by players to compete against one another. For the time being, users do not have to pay any fee to play the game. The beginners get more powerful cards as they advance in the game and manage to defeat stronger opponents. The players have the possibility to use in the game cards which they have purchased in real life or from the application store.

There are two players that confront each other. But instead of the command duels specific for Pokemon games, the Pokemons in this game are actually cards which have some unique features. There are also cards that give players energy, boost their powers or weaken the ones of the enemy. The players will have the possibility to make use of the iPad’s camera in order to scan the QR codes.

There are high chances for Android to have a Pokemon games soon, as well. If the Pokemon game is successful on the iPad, then probably Nitendo will prepare new games to function with the iOS gadgets. In this way Nitendo might recover from the lower sales of the Wii console and of the 3DS gaming gadget.

The Pokemon Company has not given an official date for the release of the game.

Umidificator Camera sau Difuzor Aromaterapie?

Poate ati auzit de curand la prieteni sau cunoscuti cuvantul difuzor aromaterapie sau umidificator aromaterapie si v-ati intrebat la ce se foloseste, sau daca este vreo diferenta fata de un simplu umidificator camera?

Ei bine nu prea este nicio diferenta,mai mult de design si de dimensiunea rezervorului de apa. Unele umidificatoare de camera au un rezervor mare de apa,de peste 2.8l ,eliberand in aer o cantitate mare de abur rece,functia lor principala fiind aceea de umidificare. Trebuie stiut ca in aceste umidificatoare,se poate adauga ulei esential,dar doar cel solubil in apa.

Umidificatoarele aromaterapie au ca scop principal degajarea in aer a aburului rece amestecat cu parfum provenit de la uleiurile esentiale. In aceste aparate de difuzare aromaterapie se poate adauga orice tip de ulei esential. O alta trasatura care o au umidificatoarele aromaterapie este aceea a rezervorului de apa,acesta fiind mult mai mic si anume intre 100ml si 700ml. Cele mai bine vandute sunt cele de 500,sau 600ml deoarece datorita volumului mare de apa pot functiona fara oprire o perioada mai indelungata de timp.

Din punctul meu de vedere,daca nu puneti pret prea mare pe design,eu va recomand sa va achizitionati un umidificator de camera simplu,la nevoie in acesta se poate adauga si ulei esential. Pretul unui umidificator simplu este considerabil mai mic fata de un umidificator aromaterapie,iar cel dintai are o capacitate a rezervorului mult mai mare,deci o durata de functionare fara oprire mai mica.

Why HTC One M8 is better for Windows OS than Other WP8 Gadgets?

The HTC One M8 functioning on the Windows operating system is now available for customers. Apparently the only difference between the standard Android One M8 and the new HTC One M8 is the latter device runs on Windows Phone 8.1.

The question is why users should purchase a HTC One M8 running on Windows and not some other Windows Phone 8 gadgets. Here comes a list of the advantages brought by the HTC One M8 functioning on the Windows operating system.

1.Looks and design

The HTC One M8 running on Windows has a design similar to the M8 running on Android. Thus, buyers interested in making a good impression with their phones will definitely like the new HTC gadget.

2.Awesome Camera Features

The HTC One M8 is equipped with a 4 Ultra pixel camera tech. This camera pointed out that the number of megapixels was taken too seriously.


The software keys are unique and cannot be found on other gadgets functioning on the Windows Phone.

4.Amazing Sound Experience

The new HTC phone is equipped with stereo speakers which proved their high quality when placed on the other gadgets belonging to the One series.

5.The Duo Camera Experience

The Nokia Lumia phones usually have cameras of twenty megapixels, Zeiss lenses and PureView technology for stabilizing the image. HTC attracts users due to its Duo Camera system which has an additional camera sensor which permits users to arrange the photo characteristics after having taken the picture.

  1. Network provider: Verizon

The HTC One M8 is a device which functions only with Verizon, thus users can get a better 4G LTE coverage.


Blinkfeed is an improved method for checking on notifications. It is much better than the method offered by the Windows Phone OS/UX.

8.Costs and Price

The HTC One M8 can be purchased for the price of 99 US dollars if the buyer is willing to sign a two-year contract with Verizon.

512k and Y2K create Internet Sensation

It is not fresh news the fact that the absence of the IPv4 would definitely cause lots of problems in the coming months if companies and users do not make the transition to IPv6. However, it seems that the coming month have turned into present months. In the UK, internet providers like Virgin and BT had to face serious problems. The same happened to similar US companies like AT&T, Verizon or Time Warner.

The internet providers first thought that the local flooding was the cause of the outage they had to face. However, they soon realized that the source of their problems was quite of a different nature. Thus, it has been discovered that the entire situation was owed to old routers and to their incapacity to face the increasing usage and size on the web’s routing table.

Nowadays, the vast majority of the BGP routers must have a map which indicates the network to which each IP belongs. The IOv4 space is narrower and narrower as the days pass by. For this reason the ISPs give smaller net blocks to their customers and thus the entire topology is extremely fragmented. Lots of older routes can store about 512 k entries and this limit has been reached for a while on the 12th of August 2014.

What is IPv4? It is actually the number 4 alternative of the IP Internet. It has the capacity to rout the majority of the traffic occurring on the web. The IPv4 offers around 4.3 billion addressed worldwide. But will this be enough considering the fact that the number of addresses increases at an unprecedented pace?

IANA is the entity managing the spaces created for the porthole AdThe IP addresses. The porthole is also managed by means of five Internet registries located at a regional level. They have their designated regions and are responsible for the assignments done towards local Internet providers and end users.

Cisco has made public a guide for people having old routers in which they are told how to solve their problem.

However, it is better for internet users to upgrade their router. It will not pass such a long time until the network will be relying on the IPv6.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 – A Wonderful and Wise Choice

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is a wonderful gadget running on Android. It is ideal for gamers and not only. This Samsung tables matches Apple iPad in some areas. Thus, the table has multimedia abilities; it is very stylish and has an impressive collection of software. Up till now, it has proven to be the finest undersized table running on the Android operating system.

The Samsung Tab S 8.4 is a device that really stands out. It can be carried everywhere due to its lightness and thin body shape. The Samsung gadget has 6.6 mm in thickness, being slimmer even than Apple’s iPad Mini. It has a display of 8.4 inch and it is under 0.70 pounds. It is very light and easy to hold even by a child. The design is quite similar to the one the extremely successful smart phone Galaxy S5. Thus, the face display some touch sensitive buttons, a power button and the volume adjuster located on the right side. The charging slot for the micro-USB is located at the bottom.

The weak point of the amazing appearance is the plastic back. It looks pretty alright but the dots on the back spoil everything. However, it is something minor and only highly pretentious buyers can be really bothered by such a design problem.

The back presents on the left side two holes. The holes are used in order to attach the new Samsung line of cases to the phone. The problem is that the user must apply quite a pressure to remove the cover which does not come off immediately; a bit of an effort is required. This is the greatest weak point of this new Samsung gadget.

The Samsung Tab S 8.4 has a Super AMOLED display, having a resolution equal to 2,560×1,600, being much sharper than the Retina screens of the Apple gadgets. The screen is characterized by an amazing clarity making the experience of watching a film more pleasant. Reading is much easier and the Amazon Kindle application works perfectly.

The Tab S comes in two versions: the smaller one having 8.4 inches and the bigger one having 10.5 inch. They have the same hardware feature. They have a random access memory equal to three gigabytes and an eight-core chip of the Exynos 5 Octa type. There are two qua-core processors, having different functionalities: one is used for web browsing and e-reading, while the other for more complicated tasks. The display is based on the Super AMOLED technology.

This Samsung device has really useful extras. This is not quite like Samsung, which usually has the habit of packing its gadgets with tool and features that might turn out quite annoying. Thus, people who enjoy travelling will absolutely ne enchanted by the GoGo Inflight’s airport as well as by the in-flight Wi-Fi. Users can also benefits from the three month trial of Marvel comics and of Sirius XM Internet Radio. It is a pity that these tools are not permanent.

One of the weak points is the absence of the stylus. The fingerprint scanner which can be found on the Galaxy S5 is present on the Tab S as well. Unfortunately is has no use, especially on a tablet. There some other minor weaknesses as well. One of these is the lack of Amazon Instant video application. These minor aspects keep the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 a bit behind the iPAd Mini.

Nonetheless, the price is very competitive. For the Wi-Fi version equipped with 16 gigabytes of storage and with a micro SD slot which permits the expansion of the memory, the buyer has to pay the sum of 399 US dollars.

This tablet running on Android is perhaps one of the best gadgets that Samsung has created so far.

Samsung Reveals Its Plans to Hit the Market with 2 New Smart Phones

Samsung reported its quarterly figures this week. Most of times, these reports are for the eyes of analysts and other specialists in the domain. However, this time Samsung has decided to give some morsels to the consumers as well.

The officials of Samsung teased about two new gadgets to be included in the company’s portfolio in the following six months. The company plans to launch a smart phone characterized by a very large screen. Probably this mobile gadget will be the follower of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, having a screen of 5.7 inch. The official announcement of the gadget will probably take place in early September, as it happened last year with Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Little is known about the second smart phone that Samsung wants to bring on the market. The company declared that the gadget would be a very attractive for users in terms of materials, design and display. It is possible for the phone to have a bendable screen, which would definitely be a step forward for Samsung.

There are also speculations about Samsung preparing itself for the launch of Galaxy Alpha. This smart phone is rumored to be made entirely of metal.

The net profits registered by the company dropped with twenty per cent when compared to last year’s figure for the same period. The revenues also decreased with 8.9 per cent. This is the first time that Samsung has registered a lowering of the new profits since the third quarter of 2011.

Samsung considers that these dropping numbers are the result of the fierce competition extant on the market. The company also blames the overestimation of the demand for Samsung mobile phones. The Samsung mobile branch registered a thirty per cent drop in operating profits when compared to the figures obtained during the same period in 2013. The mobile phones revenues brought only sixty-one percent of the total Samsung revenues for the quarter which ended in July.

BlackBerry Focuses on Security with the Help of Secusmart

BlackBerry has decided to enforce its security system by acquiring the company named Secusmart, specialized in anti-eavesdropping. This is the same company that has created the technology necessary to protect the smartphones belonging to German officials, Chancellor Angela Merkel included.

The company made public its plan to improve the security of its phone during a public event which took place in New York on the 29th of July 2014. The company’s chief executive, Mister John Chen declared that the acquisition of Secusmart had the purpose to reassure BlackBerry clients that the company had a genuine interest in both their individual privacy and the national security.

John Chain declared that BlackBerry was interested in finding new security solutions in order to face the complexity of businesses mobility and with the gadgets that were used for important tasks and for storing key information. John Chain assured his clients that BlackBerry was working hard against complex security attacks.

The financial aspects of the deal have not been made public yet. However, BlackBerry has declared that there are some conditions to be met including some sort of regulatory approval. This new deal is about to turn BlackBerry into a more serious competitor for both Apple and Samsung; companies which have already taken some serious steps on the domain of mobile security.

Secusmart offers voice and data encryption for very security sensitive organizations like international businesses, governments, telecommunication providers and others. The German magazine, Der Spiegel, claimed last year that the Nokia phone belonging to Chancellor Merkel was actually tapped by the US government. The German Chancellor had started to use a BlackBerry z10 before the publication of the Spiegel article. Secusmart has managed to create a technology especially designed for BlackBerry 10 mobile phones which have been given to various German officials.

The security of businesses has turned into a highly debated topic after the huge breach data that Target Corporation had to face. The Canadian government announced on the 29th of July that hackers located in China had managed to find a way in the systems belonging to the National Research Council. Smartphones are used in order to transfer highly classified data and there are increasing possibilities for important private information to be obtained by third parties.

It is quite clear yet what benefits is BlackBerry going to have after the purchasing of Secusmart. However, it is obvious that the security company can create an encompassing structure that could represent the future come back of BlackBerry gadgets.

On the other hand, the BlackBerry executives have pointed out their intention of moving in what they call the “Internet of Thins”. They use this phrase in order to describe the technology used to connect different gadgets to a single network. Although this one network is still something new, it is expected that in the future more and more gadgets will be linked by means of a single network which will permit the control of information from a certain distance.

Back in 2010, BlackBerry purchased a company named QNX Software System, located in Ottawa, The company was specialized in the production of technology for the automotive industry. It produced dashboards which made a direct connection with the mobile phone being in the possession of the driver. Starting with 2010, QNX has had a very important role in the production of the BlackBerry smart phone especially in the operating system area. It has also created an operate system for medical devices.

The technology analyst Carmi Levy believes that the buying of Secusmart represents and important moment for BlackBerry, which tries hard to have its comeback by focusing its attention on enterprises and no so much on the consumer market. This move also points out how much the company has changed since the arrival of John Chen. He was brought into the BlackBerry team last year in order to put BlackBerry back on track. Chen has hired various executives that previously worked for Sybase.

Another plan in BlackBerry’s agenda is to create a program which would monitor the security of the applications installed on the gadgets bearing the BlackBerry logo. The company declared that the BlackBerry Giardia had the capacity to protect users against malware. It could to this by searching for abnormal activities and displaying the proper action.

David MacFarlane the senior director of the security division belonging to BlackBerry assured clients that when BlackBerry identified an abnormal application, it led a serious investigation and then took all the necessary actions.

The BlackBerry Guardian watches over the applications that can be purchased from the BlackBerry World Store. It will also monitor the applications available by means of Amazon Appstore, available from this coming autumn.

iTime Smart Watch Officially belongs to Apple

The Patent and Trademark Office in the USA gave Apple the patent for a wrist wearable which offers the users a touchscreen experience as well as the possibility to communicate and connect with a smart mobile phone.

The company sent the patent request in July, 2011. However, patent number 8,787,006 for a wrist watch became public on the 22nd of July 2014. This patent does not offer sufficient information about the wrist watch, but it definitely points out the nature of Apple philosophy back in 2011.

In its request, Apple told the Patent and Trademark Office that it needed the patent for an electronic wristband with an electronic gadget. The company was making reference to a tiny display module which can be inserted in the band whenever the necessity occurs.

According to the patent, the display area is in its turn a mobile gadget, which can work even when it is not clipped in the watch band. The mobile gadget and the wristband can function together under the form of a smart watch. This watch can in its turn communicate with another gadget fixed or mobile. Apple also wanted to add some sensors in the bad so as to permit watch control with the help of arm and writs gestures.

The patent filling explains that a user might decline a phone call with a horizontal movement and accept a call with vertical movement. Or the call might be accepted by performing a tap of the writs. If the users wants to decline the phone call than he/she can perform several taps.

In some of the drawings that Apple gave to the Patent and Trademark Office, the smart watch was named iTime. However, this name has not been declared a trademark yet.

The electronics company explained in the document that portable electronic gadgets were becoming a common sight. Apple also claimed that some of the electronic wearables were quite light and could fit the users’ pockets or clipped to their clothes.

Apple also stated that accessories had been used in order to enrich the functions of the mobile electronic gadgets. The company also acknowledged the need to make the devices as small and as comfortable as possible. Apple also pointed out that the features of smart watches needed constant improvement.

The electronics giant has not made an official statement about its smart watch yet. However, there are a number of leaks hinting that Apple is working hard to produce its own smart watch.